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Writes a hard-coded/static response to the client.


respond [<matcher>] <status>|<body> [<status>] {
	body <text>
  • <status> is the HTTP status code to write. Default 200.
  • <body> is the response body to write.
  • body is an alternate way to provide a body; convenient if it is multiple lines.
  • close will close the client's connection to the server after writing the response.

To clarify, the first non-matcher argument can be either a 3-digit status code or a response body string. If it is a body, the next argument can be the status code.


Write a 200 status with an empty body to all health checks:

respond /health-check 200

Write a simple response body to all requests:

respond "Hello, world!"

Write an error response and close the connection:

respond /secret/* "Access denied" 403 {