This page is about Caddy 2, which is currently in beta. Click here for the old Caddy 1 site. Thank you for your patience as we transition!
Caddy 2 is beta software. It is ready for production, but some things will change between releases; check the release notes before upgrading.

Caddy Welcomes You

Caddy is a powerful, extensible platform to serve your sites, services, and apps, written in Go. Although most people use it as a web server or proxy, it is an excellent choice for a:

  • web server
  • reverse proxy
  • sidecar proxy
  • load balancer
  • API gateway
  • ingress controller
  • system manager
  • process supervisor
  • task scheduler
  • (any long-running process)

and operates primarily at L4 (transport layer) and L7 (application layer) of the OSI model, though it has the ability to work with other layers.

Configuration is both dynamic and exportable with Caddy's API; no config files required. The format of the config document takes many forms with config adapters, but Caddy's native config language is JSON.

Caddy compiles for all major platforms and has no dependencies.