Help keep Caddy free for individuals to use. Our sponsors do amazing things. One of them is making the open source community around Caddy possible! Our sponsors truly make the difference. In return, your own business and customers benefit from the proliferation of Caddy's technology: its plugins, security, and usability.

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Feel free to shoot us an email at sales@lightcodelabs.com or call +1-435-612-0494 if you have any questions!


Our vision of a sponsorship isn't so much about advertising as it is about making the Web a better place for your company and your customers. It's about everyone doing what they can to improve the quality of life on the Web with better tools, greater privacy, and faster speeds. If you're looking for clicks to your site, an ad agency is a better fit for you. But with a Caddy sponsorship, you'll have something much more long-lasting and valuable to show off.