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⚠️ Experimental

Invokes a named route.

This is useful when paired with HTTP handler directives that have their own in-memory state, or if they are expensive to provision on load. If you have hundreds of sites or more, invoking a named route can help reduce memory usage.


invoke [<matcher>] <route-name>
  • <route-name> is the name of the previously defined route that should be invoked. If the route is not found, then an error will be triggered.


Defines a named route with a reverse_proxy which can be reused in multiple sites, with the same in-memory load balancing state reused for every site.

&(app-proxy) {
	reverse_proxy app-01:8080 app-02:8080 app-03:8080 {
		lb_policy least_conn
		health_uri /healthz
		health_interval 5s

# Apex domain allows accessing the app via an /app subpath
# and the main site otherwise. {
	handle_path /app* {
		invoke app-proxy

	handle {
		root * /srv

# The app is also accessible via a subdomain. {
	invoke app-proxy