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Sets one or more variables to a particular value, to be used later in the request handling chain.

The primary way to access variables is with placeholders, which have the form {vars.variable_name}, or with the vars and vars_regexp request matchers.


vars [<matcher>] [<name> <value>] {
    <name> <value>
  • <name> is the variable name to set.

  • <value> is the value of the variable.

    The value will be type converted if possible; true and false will be converted to boolean types, and numeric values will be converted to integer or float accordingly. To avoid this conversion, you may wrap the output with quotes and they will stay strings.


To set a single variable, the value being conditional based on the request path, then responding with the value:

vars /foo* isFoo "yep"
vars isFoo "nope"

respond {vars.isFoo}

To set multiple variables, each converted to the appropriate scalar type:

vars {
	# boolean
	abc true

	# integer
	def 1

	# float
	ghi 2.3

	# string
	jkl "example"