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A static file server. It works by appending the request's URI path to the site's root path. By default, it enforces canonical URIs; if necessary, requests to directories will be redirected to have a trailing forward slash, and requests to files will be redirected to strip the trailing slash.

Most often, the file_server directive is paired with the root directive to set file root for the whole site.


file_server [<matcher>] [browse] {
	root   <path>
	hide   <files...>
	index  <filenames...>
	browse [<template_file>]
  • browse enables file listings for requests to directories that do not have an index file.
  • root sets the path to the site root for just this file server instance, overriding any other. Default: {http.vars.root} or the current working directory. Note: This subdirective only changes the root for this directive. For other directives (like try_files or templates) to know the same site root, use the root directive, not this subdirective.
  • hide is a list of files or folders to hide; if requested, the file server will pretend they do not exist. Accepts placeholders and glob patterns. Note that these are file system paths, NOT request paths. In other words, relative paths use the current working directory as a base, NOT the site root; and all paths are transformed to their absolute form before comparisons (if possible). Specifying a file name or pattern without a path separator will hide all files with a matching name regardless of its location; otherwise, a path prefix match will be attempted, and then a globular match. Since this is a Caddyfile config, the active configuration file(s) will be added by default.
  • index is a list of filenames to look for as index files. Default: index.html index.txt
  • <template_file> is an optional custom template file to use for directory listings. Defaults to the template that can be found here in the source code .


A static file server out of the current directory:


With file listings enabled:

file_server browse

Only serve static files out of the /static folder:

file_server /static/*

The file_server directive is usually paired with the root directive to set the root path from which to serve files:

root * /home/user/public_html

Hide all .git folders and their contents:

file_server {
	hide .git