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Rewrites the request URI path to the first of the listed files which exists in the site root. If no files match, no rewrite is performed.


try_files <files...>
  • <files...> is the list of files to try. The URI will be rewritten to the first one that exists. To match directories, append a trailing forward slash / to the path. All file paths are relative to the site root. Each argument may also contain a query string, in which case the query string will also be changed if it matches that particular file.

Expanded form

The try_files directive is basically a shortcut for:

@try_files {
	file {
		try_files <files...>
rewrite @try_files {http.matchers.file.relative}


If the request does not match any static files, rewrite to an index/router file:

try_files {path} /index.php

Same, but adding the original path to the query string:

try_files {path} /index.php?{query}&p={path}

Same, but also match directories:

try_files {path} {path}/ /index.php?{query}&p={path}