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An embedded ACME protocol server handler. This allows a Caddy instance to issue certificates for any other ACME-compatible software (including other Caddy instances).

When enabled, requests matching the path /acme/* will be handled by the ACME server.

Client configuration

Using ACME server defaults, ACME clients should simply be configured to use https://localhost/acme/local/directory as their ACME endpoint. (local is the ID of Caddy's default CA.)


acme_server [<matcher>] {
	ca <id>
  • ca specifies the ID of the certificate authority with which to sign certificates. The default is local, which is Caddy's default CA, intended for locally-used, self-signed certificates, which is most common in dev environments. For broader use, it is recommended to specify a different CA to avoid confusion. If the CA with the given ID does not already exist, it will be created.