This page is about Caddy 1, but Caddy 2 is now in beta. Click here for Caddy 2. Thank you for your patience as we transition!

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Caddy 2 is Ready for Developers

July 2, 2019
I've just pushed Caddy 2's source code to the v2 branch of the Caddy repo and moved the Caddy repo to the caddyserver organization on GitHub. Clone it down and kick it around! I want your help making Caddy 2 into your dream web server. Starting today, I want you to contribute to its development by sharing it with others, reporting issues, requesting features, improving documentation, and reviewing pull requests.

Announcing Caddy 1.0, Caddy 2, and Caddy Enterprise

April 24, 2019
Today, I am pleased to make a series of interconnected announcements, which marks a new beginning for the Caddy project and new opportunities for your websites and services: Caddy 1.0 released Reunified licensing Caddy 2 and Caddy Enterprise are now in development Partnership with Ardan Labs Caddy 1.0 Released Caddy 1.0 is our first stable release, meaning that new versions in the 1.0 tree will have non-breaking changes.

Caddy 0.11 Released

May 10, 2018
We are pleased to release Caddy 0.11! The main contribution of this release is an integrated telemetry client, which enables you to check on the status of your server, examine the technical properties of clients connecting to it and, in the future, to gain insights beyond what logging or external monitoring systems can do. We hope telemetry will also produce a useful data set for the research and Internet standards communities.

Caddy 0.11 Will Have Telemetry

March 30, 2018
Today, we are formally announcing that the next major release of Caddy, version 0.11, will feature an integrated telemetry client. We're doing this in the interest of transparency (Caddy is an open source project, after all), so that you can know what to expect and know how to offer feedback or ask questions before the release. We're really excited about this feature and hope you will be, too. Telemetry is a mechanism used by many software projects including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Windows, Canonical's Ubuntu, Google Chrome, and others, to report data for diagnostic, performance measurement, future development, and debugging purposes.

Caddy 0.10.12 Released with ACMEv2 and Wildcard Certificates

March 27, 2018
Caddy 0.10.12 is big news for HTTPS lovers: Caddy now uses ACMEv2, so it can obtain and renew wildcard certificates for you. In addition, we've brought the distributed auto-HTTPS support full-circle so that it doesn't require the DNS challenge. We've also fixed some bugs and made other improvements. Read on, since there's some things you should know when upgrading! ACMEv2 ACME is the protocol Caddy uses to obtain and renew certificates for you automatically.
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