Every commercial license comes with basic support, which covers:

  • Your subscription
  • Obtaining, downloading, or building Caddy
  • Any of our hosted services

Basic support happens via email during our regular business hours. We usually respond within 1-2 business days.


Extended support is available, which includes basic support, plus:

  • Help using and configuring Caddy
  • Private bug reporting and feature requests
  • Same-business-day response (email)
  • Online chat (Slack)

Companies interested in extended support may contact us to get a free quote!


What is basic email support?

All commercial licenses come with basic email support, which operates during our working hours on business days.

How are bug reports and feature requests handled?

Bug reports are addressed in decreasing order of criticality as determined by the Caddy engineers. Feature requests are implemented in order based on value to our commercial customers, technical complexity, and long-term vision of the project. All bug reports and feature requests go through our issue tracker. You may file reports and requests via email if you have extended support.

Will you help me debug my infrastructure/systems?

We can help answer questions about Caddy and the build server, but our support offering does not cover debugging your network, infrastructure, or other aspects of your systems or environment in depth. You're welcome to be a part of our community and ask about these things on our forums!

Is there an end-to-end, premium/enterprise support option?

If you have a need for this, please email us and we'll see what we can do based on your needs.

Still have questions? Email or call +1 435-612-0494