Official Licenses

These licenses apply to official Caddy binaries obtained from our website. The source code is Apache-licensed.
Personal Small-Scale Commercial Large-Scale Commercial
Unlimited downloads
Commercial use
Internal company/business use
Instance limit 1-10 > 10
Support level None Basic Basic or Extended
Custom terms or paperwork None None Upon request
Invoice, SLA, NDA, or other paperwork or payment method required by your company
Non-commercial use only
or 30-day commercial use trial
Billed annually
Same-business-day response
Phone: +1 435-612-0494
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Which license do I need?

If your company uses official Caddy binaries internally, in production, or distributes Caddy, a commercial license is required. This includes companies that use Caddy for research. The personal license is appropriate for academic research, personal projects, websites that aren't for profit, and development at home.

Is Caddy open source?

Yes, it is. Caddy's source code is licensed under Apache 2.0, which requires attribution and stating changes made to the code when forking it, using it in your own projects, or distributing it. This website distributes official, compiled Caddy binaries, which are licensed differently.

Does this license apply to the source code?

These licenses do NOT apply to the source code. If you use Caddy source code in your work or product, you must give attribution and state all changes. Please email us if you would like to purchase a custom license to the source code, which can waive these requirements!

If I build Caddy from source, which license applies?

The source code is Apache 2.0 licensed. It requires that you give attribution and state changes. Building from source does not give you permission to white-label Caddy in your own work. You will also have to manage Caddy plugins on your own.

Are there discounts for 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations?

Please email us to request a donation to your organization.

What is an "instance"?

The commercial license grants the right to use Caddy in a commercial context based on how many instances you run or how many employees will be using Caddy ("users") at any given time. An instance is an OS process of Caddy. For example, if you have 2 instances of Caddy in production and 3 web developers using Caddy locally to build your website, that's 5 instances. (A single developer who starts multiple instances of Caddy temporarily in local dev can still just count as 1.) If you also spin up a maximum of 3 containers at a time with Caddy binaries inside it, that's a total of 8 instances. If you distribute Caddy to others, contact us for distributor pricing.

What if my company installs/deploys Caddy for clients?

You'll need a commercial license to use Caddy binaries for this purpose. Instances you deploy for your clients must still be covered by your license or they must purchase their own for as long as those instances are used. Your license is not transferable. If you are distributing more than 10 instances, contact us and we'll get you a quote for distributor pricing! Email or call +1-435-612-0494.

Is an active subscription required for commercial use?

Yes. We require a current subscription while you are using, distributing or maintaining Caddy in a commercial context, even if you are no longer downloading it from this site. This ensures that we can serve all our customers reliably.

Are there technical differences between Personal and Commercial binaries?

No; their functionality and feature set is the same.


Is there a free trial?

You may use a personal license for 30 days in your company before you are required to purchase a commercial license.

Are payments recurring?

Yes; the commercial license needs to be renewed. Subscription billing is done annually (every 12 months). This reduces overhead fees and paperwork burdens.

What happens after I pay?

After payment, you will immediately be able to download Caddy under the commercial license. All downloads while you are logged in and while your subscription is active are commercially licensed by default. You can view your purchase history in your account.

Can I change my subscription?

Yes; if you find that you need more instances, you can upgrade your subscription simply by going through checkout with your same account. Your subscription will be prorated, so any amount you've spent goes toward the upgrade. If you are downgrading, you will be issued a credit toward the next renewal. If you're on the Large Scale plan, contact us to adjust your subscription.

Caddy is open source; with whom am I doing business?

You'll do business with Light Code Labs, LLC, the steward company of the Caddy project.

Are payments refundable?

If Caddy is no longer used within a commercial context, a prorated refund is available upon request.

Still have questions? Email or call +1-435-612-0494.