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The ipfilter directive adds the ability to allow or block requests based on the client's IP address.

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Filter a specific IP or a CIDR range.
ipfilter / { rule block ip 2001:db8::/122 }

caddy will block any clients with IPs that fall into one of these two ranges and 2001:db8::/122 , or a client that has an IP of explicitly.

Filter clients based on their Country ISO Code
ipfilter / { rule allow database /data/GeoLite.mmdb country US JP }

with that in your Caddyfile caddy will only serve users from the United States or Japan.

filtering with country codes requires a local copy of the Geo database, can be downloaded for free from MaxMind.

Define a block page
ipfilter / { rule allow blockpage default.html ip 2e80::20:f8ff:fe31:77cf }

caddy will serve only these 2 IPs, eveyone else will get default.html.

Multiple paths
ipfilter /notglobal /secret { rule allow ip }

Only serve under /notglobal and /secret.

Multiple blocks
ipfilter / { rule allow ip } ipfilter /webhook { rule allow ip }

You can use as many ipfilter blocks as you please, the above says: block everyone but, Unless it falls in and requesting a path in /webhook.

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