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Caddy's MOSS Experience

May 9, 2017
In spring of 2016, Cory and I were introduced to the Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) program with regards to Caddy. Every three months, Mozilla reviews applications from open source projects to grant them an award of an amount according to the project's request. MOSS is truly a celebration of open source and we want to share our experience with the program. Mozilla gives awards for three classes of open source projects:

Caddy 0.10 Released

April 20, 2017
We're thrilled to release Caddy 0.10 on the same day as we unveil the new website and products for businesses. A lot of work has gone into this release, with contributions from more than 25 developers over the last 3 months. Caddy 0.10 is available now on the download page or at GitHub releases. It was kind of fun to watch people anticipate a version 1.0 release today, but I don't think version 0.

Introducing Options for Businesses

April 20, 2017
For years, businesses have been interested in the Caddy project but unable to secure for themselves guarantees of continued development because of its free and open source nature. Other businesses want to promote Caddy's benefits across the Web in the best interest of their own customers. Today, I'm pleased to introduce the Caddy Engineering Package and official Caddy Sponsorship plans to help fill those voids. This has been almost 12 months in the making.

New Caddy Website and Build Server

April 20, 2017
After months in the making, today we debut the new Caddy website along with upgraded build infrastructure and release tools. Together, they automate releases of Caddy and its plugins by their respective authors. (We've also released a new version of Caddy as well as options for businesses today!) Plugin developers can (and should) create an account and log in to the new Developer Portal where they can add their plugins to the Download page and deploy new versions whenever they're ready.

Caddy 0.9.4 Released

December 21, 2016
Just in time for Christmas, Caddy 0.9.4 adds the maxrequestbody directive, support for statically-compressed .gz or .br files, multiple backends to fastcgi, TLS curve and Must-Staple preferences, passing arguments to included files with templates, and a lot of little bug fixes. Caddy 0.9.4 is built on Go 1.7.4. Download Caddy 0.9.4 or see full change log. New Features The maxrequestbody directive sets a limit on the size of request bodies.
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