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April 24, 2019

Announcing Caddy 1.0, Caddy 2, and Caddy Enterprise

By Matt Holt

Today, I am pleased to make a series of interconnected announcements, which marks a new beginning for the Caddy project and new opportunities for your websites and services:

Caddy 1.0 Released

Caddy 1.0 is our first stable release, meaning that new versions in the 1.0 tree will have non-breaking changes. Stability in terms of fixing bugs will be the primary focus of 1.x versions. (Still, we always recommend testing in a dev or staging environment before upgrading production instances.)

One of the most common requests for Caddy is official packages and images. Now that version 1.0 is tagged, we will see about working on integrations with Digital Ocean, various Linux distros and package managers, and making an official Docker container. However, due to design or technical limitations of most of these distribution channels, customizing Caddy with plugins may not be possible through these channels. However, you can already get Caddy with plugins using a single command that works just about anywhere, or use our download page.

Thank you to the 250+ contributors who helped make Caddy 1 what it is! Caddy has come a long way since its first commit in 2014.

Like all releases, 1.0 is not perfect, but it is the best one yet. If you find any issues, please report them on GitHub. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our forum!

Reunified Licensing

In 2017, we announced commercial licenses for non-personal use of Caddy binaries distributed through our download page. With them, we have been able to successfully serve several businesses which rely on Caddy, but the different licensing between binaries built from source and those obtained through our download page was confusing.

Beginning today, commercial licenses are no longer required for commercial use of any Caddy binaries. Going forward, only commercial use of our build server (including the download page and getcaddy.com) requires a subscription: all binaries are licensed the same. Existing customers will be grandfathered in with no changes to their subscription and will be able to keep using the download page as before. Using our download page for non-commercial use will continue to be free. All binaries will be Apache 2 licensed.

Our build server allows you to get a cryptographically-signed Caddy binary at any released version, with any plugins, pre-built for your platform, with a single HTTPS request. There is tremendous value in that for companies deploying Caddy, and this change will allow us to continue to serve them with better reliability and without the confusion of a separate EULA for binaries.

Caddy 2 and Caddy Enterprise

Several months ago, we quietly began designing and building the next generation of Caddy. Caddy 2 development is well underway. Learning from years of experience, and by carefully observing shifts in the web server and microservice industries, we fully expect Caddy 2 to be one of the world's most powerful platforms for web services.

Caddy 2

In addition, Caddy 2 will serve as the core of Caddy Enterprise, which will be the premier web server and reverse proxy for businesses. As an extension of the open source project, Caddy Enterprise will sport features needed by modern, fast-moving tech companies thanks to its unparalleled modular design. Caddy Enterprise will ship with a web UI for dynamic fleet configuration, metrics, and more.

We plan on making Caddy 2 public later this year. We will unveil and demo an early prototype at Velocity Conf 2019, so look for our booth there!

If your company wants to request specific features and help test early versions before then, let us know — we value your feedback, which can dramatically impact the final result! We are being careful not to develop Caddy 2 in isolation. Every design decision is being tailored to the requirements of our users (plus a little of what we think is awesome sprinkled on top).

Partnership with Ardan Labs

A few months ago, we entered talks with Ardan Labs and recently agreed on terms for a partnership which will allow us to develop Caddy together and improve its offering both for free open source users and for our business customers.

To clarify, this is not an acquisition, and there has been no transfer of ownership. Instead, we are working together to develop something new (Caddy Enterprise) and to support businesses who use and rely on Caddy.

This is a huge win for everyone: Caddy will continue to be developed and retain its existing expertise, brand, and community; Ardan Labs will benefit with a new, direct venue to support enterprises, and the community benefits both culturally and tangibly because much of the strain on Caddy's development ("growing pains") can be relieved.

Our partnership with Ardan Labs will allow us to support enterprise customers while making Caddy more freely available to the open source community.

We're Listening

We are thrilled about today's announcements, and what they mean for the future of your sites! Stay tuned for more updates on Caddy 2 and Caddy Enterprise, which are now our top priorities. We're listening to you! Request features or discuss what you'd like to see in Caddy 2 and Caddy Enterprise by posting on our forum at caddy.community.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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